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Our Business

Archer Hotel Capital B.V. (“Archer”) is a specialist European hotel investment vehicle jointly owned by affiliates of APG Asset Management and GIC. Archer was established in December 2018 and owns one of the best quality hotel portfolios in Europe comprising 11 hotels with a gross asset value of circa €2bn.

Archer is focused on acquiring institutional quality assets of scale in gateway cities across Europe and has equity commitments and a mandate to expand the existing portfolio. The company is competitively positioned in the European hotel investment market, with its specialist team, long-term horizon and high-quality capital sources allowing it to unlock complex investment and value enhancement opportunities.

Archer invests predominantly in operating assets but is also interested in repositioning opportunities. The company has strong relationships with the leading international brands but is also open to working with smaller, entrepreneurial operators who can demonstrate a unique selling point and sustainable competitive advantage.


APG is a financial services provider in the pension sector in the areas of executive consultancy, asset management, pension administration and communication services for pension funds. APG manages more than €470 billion in pension assets for the various pension funds.

GIC is a leading global investment firm established in 1981 to manage Singapore’s foreign reserves. A disciplined long-term value investor, GIC is uniquely positioned for investments across a wide range of asset classes, including equities, fixed income, private equity, real estate and infrastructure. Headquartered in Singapore, GIC has 10 offices in key financial cities worldwide, and investments in over 40 countries.

  • Prime locations in major European cities and destinations
  • Institutional Quality Assets
  • €50m + lot size
  • Hotels operating under an existing management agreement or with near-term flexibility to sign a new agreement or vacant possession
  • Operating assets with conversion opportunities also considered

Please note that this acquisition profile does not constitute an offer to conclude a brokerage contract. Please note that brokerage commissions will not be paid, unless explicitly agreed upon in writing. Please inform us in writing that you, as a broker, have been commissioned by the owner to offer us the respective property.

Our Portfolio

Archer Hotel Capital’s hotels are located in Paris, London, Madrid, Stockholm, Brussels, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin and Dublin.






Room nights *

*approx. annual total

Our Hotels

Hotel Arts Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Number of Bedrooms: 483 Bedrooms
Operator: Ritz-Carlton
Acquired: 2006

The Westin Palace, Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain
Number of Bedrooms: 470 Bedrooms
Operator: Marriott International
Acquired: 2006

Brussels Marriott Hotel

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Number of Bedrooms: 222 Bedrooms
Operator: Archer Hotel Management
Acquired: 2007

Royal St. Honore

Location: Paris, France
Number of Bedrooms: 68 Bedrooms
Operator: Archer Hotel Management
Acquired: 2022

Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel

Location: Paris, France
Number of Bedrooms: 97 Bedrooms
Operator: Archer Hotel Management
Acquired: 2012

Renaissance Paris La Defense Hotel

Location: Paris, France
Number of Bedrooms: 330 Bedrooms
Operator: Archer Hotel Management
Acquired: 2012

Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Location: Schiphol, The Netherlands
Number of Bedrooms: 433 Bedrooms
Operator: Hilton
Acquired: 2017

Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Number of Bedrooms: 402 Bedrooms
Operator: Marriott International
Acquired: 2012

Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Number of Bedrooms: 465 Bedrooms
Operator: Archer Hotel Management
Acquired: 2013

Conrad Dublin

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Number of Bedrooms: 192 Bedrooms
Operator: Hilton
Acquired: 2019


Location: Madrid, Spain
Number of Bedrooms: 200 Bedrooms
Operator: Marriott International
Acquired: 2021

Environmental, Social and Governance

Archer Hotel Capital B.V. are committed to building the highest quality, most environmentally and socially responsible hotel portfolio in Europe, while creating long-term value and delivering commensurate risk-adjusted returns for our Shareholders. Operating with socially responsible business practices, we make these commitments to our employees, business partners & operators and the communities in which we operate and invest.

Carbon Offsetting

In addition to our portfolio ESG commitments, Archer Hotel Capital B.V. is committed to ensuring that the platform is accountable for its environmental impact. Therefore, we have partnered with Terra Neutra to offset our Scope 1, 2 & business travel carbon emissions. Terra Neutra offset these emissions through a variety of vital environmental projects including low smoke cookstoves in Darfur, Sudan, peatland preservation in Indonesia and planting 7,500 trees in Madagascar to support reforestation.  Each stove installed in a household in Darfur saves 4.5 tonnes of carbon emissions, the equivalent to one passenger flying 3 times between London and New York. The Katingan Peatland project protects nearly 150,00 hectares of peatland which stops the release of 14,254,599 tonnes of carbon in vegetation and 546,767,493 tonnes stored in the peatland. Madagascar is home to the second largest primary rainforest in the world (after Amazonia) and trees planted in Madagascar have a carbon absorption capacity 10 to 15 times greater than those planted in highly developed regions of the globe. These projects support multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals providing tangible benefits to both environment and local communities. For more information on Terra Neutra and the projects they support please visit